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Duvall Homes Solar Eclipse

A Total Eclipse Experience

August 22, 2017 – This past month, participants at Duvall Homes’ Adult Day Training (ADT) Center began reviewing and preparing for the “arrival” of the spectacular solar eclipse that would pass the U.S. August 21, 2017. While the skies over DeLand, Florida, were not sunny and clear that afternoon, it didn’t seem to have any impact on the cosmic excitement of the rare occurrence.

Duvall Homes ADT
Kristin in science class at ADT.

ADT supervisors and support specialists used Nasa’s Eclipse Activity Guide to form appropriate-level curriculum to both educate and inspire all individuals on the developmental disability spectrum. Adults with special needs, who are fortunate to take part in programming at Duvall’s Opportunities Enrichment Center, learned a great deal in varying STEM subjects including science and technology. They reviewed current events, geography and astronomy, and received instruction and hands-on guidance to build and create several science and art-based masterpieces.

Duvall Homes Solar Eclipse
Adult Day Training participants look at the sun indirectly through box projectors made in house.

Participants learned Eclipse Basics, viewing and hearing the differences between solar and lunar eclipses, the difference between ultraviolet and infrared lights, and learning the sun’s essential role in our world. After several “Q and A” sessions with the participants, they built box projectors to view the eclipse indirectly and safely, and solar ovens to measure light and temperatures and bake s’mores! They also used paint and chalk to create works of planet art – each activity building to a culmination in the viewing of the actual solar eclipse. Precautions were made for many individuals to view the solar eclipse outdoors through the purchase of Nasa-approved eclipse glasses; however, due to inclement weather, the eclipse was thoroughly enjoyed on television, with and without the glasses.

Taking part in the same activities and experiences that millions of people across the nation are taking part in is not new to us at Duvall. “We take pride in the fact that we stay current, keep involved with the community and create opportunities of personal growth, pride and independence on a daily basis,” said Marsha Shankleton, Chief Operating Officer of Duvall Homes.

The solar eclipse is the first of its kind, where the path of darkness crossed both East and West coasts exclusively in the U.S., since 1918 – Duvall Homes has been empowering people with developmental disabilities since 1945!

Posted by Lisa Habermehl

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Duvall Group Homes

Sustaining a Vital Workforce

August 16, 2017 – Duvall Homes’ latest YouTube video Sustaining a Vital Workforce: Raising the Profile of Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) provides the community with an overview on the importance of valuable professional caregivers who provide specialized direct care every day, all day, for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities we support.

Florida DSPs provide physical care, teach life and job skills and advocate for those in our care so they can live self-determined lives in their own communities. Together, let’s help raise the DSP profile! Share this video with your friends.

Duvall Homes NewsletterRead a detailed article on sustaining the vital DSP Workforce in Florida in the Duvall Homes’ 2017 Spring Newsletter.

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iminspired I'mInspired Duvall Homes

A Boulevard of Inspiration

July 31, 2017 – When Ruby Helton learned that the image of her developmentally disabled son, Jason, would appear this August in one of 16 banners that would adorn Woodland Boulevard (US Hwy 17-92) north and south of New York Avenue downtown DeLand, she was ecstatic. “Oh my, I will be driving down Woodland Blvd. every single day,” said Ruby in her sweet Georgia-native accent. Ruby and her husband moved to DeLand from Georgia seven years ago specifically for Jason. “Duvall Homes was the best place we could find for our son that makes him feel like a real person.”

iminspired I'mInspired Duvall Homes
Jason H.

Jason wears a helmet, because like so many individuals with a developmental disability, he also suffers from a seizure disorder. This however, does not curtail the goal setting and -achieving set by Jason and his personal Direct Support Professionals in his supportive housing nor reduce the educational, cultural and social opportunities organized by his team at Duvall’s Adult Day Training (ADT).

“We aim to provide daily experiences that produce opportunities of learning at various levels on the cognitive spectrum,” said Shirley Zonnevylle, Duvall’s ADT Director. Many experiences have a lasting positive impact on the participants’ lives and their families, while other experiences offer valued moments of curiosity and joy, which the images on the boulevard banners so clearly depict.

Banner images also include one resident, Meg, smiling after endorsing her check following fulfilled obligations for MBI. Other banners show residents holding art they have personally created (or discovered through #DeLandRocks) and young music students from Stetson University with residents who they performed for, or worked with, through their Instruments of Healing group.

Group Homes Duvall Homes
Shirley T.

“That’s me! I did that painting!” announced Shirley T., an ADT community participant, as she pointed at an image of herself holding a painted vase of colorful flowers.  When asked what she thought about being on a very large 7′ banner that will hang downtown DeLand, she smiled and said, “I’m happy… my painting is in that room over there.”

Duvall Homes will celebrate its third annual Inspiration Gala fundraiser, presented by Reames Employee Benefits Solutions, September 29, 2017, at the Sanborn Center, with the focus of honoring those inspirational experiences. The evening will also pay special tribute to businesses and individuals who support and sponsor the empowerment of those in Duvall’s care, including this year’s special honoree, John Olivari of Olivari & Associates, CPA.

Maureen Kemp, Kemp Realty Group Broker, and her husband Chris are the 2017 Gala entertainment sponsors, which will be Johnny Wild & the Delights. “I was first introduced to Duvall through the Keyettes Club at DeLand High School more than 30 years ago and am proud to support them today.” said Kemp

People are always amazed when they discover what the developmentally disabled are capable of doing, including community service and earning a paycheck, and these banners shine light on just a fraction of the inspiring stories of those who quietly live, and struggle, in the background, unknowing to the average person.

Reames Employment Benefits Solution Duvall
Randy E.

While the government does provide funding toward housing and training for developmentally disabled, not surprisingly, there remains a persistent gap between actual costs and what Medicaid Waiver covers. “Coupled with federal mandates tied to licensing and certifications, there remains additional costs for insurance, group home operations and special need vehicles. So we are dependent on the generosity of the members of our community to help us minimize this gap,” said Elizabeth Bhimjee, Chief Marketing & Development Officer. “Our Inspiration Gala has become an essential event to help us with those financial challenges.”

The installation of these symbolic banners is yet another milestone in Duvall Homes’ enduring 72-year history that began in the single-family home of Thelma and Alanson Duvall and their Down syndrome son, which has now grown to 16 group homes. Learn more about Duvall Homes and its 2017 Inspiration Gala, an RSVP ticketed event, at Members of the public are encouraged to comment what inspires them about the banners and Duvall Homes.

Tell us what you think about these banners and DeLand’s Boulevard of Inspiration by visiting and filling out the fields, or by email Homes I'm Inspired


Learn about Duvall Homes’ 2017 Inspiration Gala.

Posted by Lisa Habermehl

BE Duvall Homes

Bright Expectations (BE)

July 24, 2017 – Bright Expectations (BE) is Florida’s site dedicated to helping Florida residents with unique abilities find the support, resources, and inspiration they and their families need to break barriers, defy lowered expectations, and achieve the brightest futures they can imagine.
Florida, and Duvall Homes, cares about its residents with unique abilities and strives to help each one succeed.
The Florida Department of Health works to protect, promote and improve the health of all people in Florida through integrated state, county and community efforts, and through its new website,, you find stories, information and resources to help you as you start this journey.
Read more Duvall Homes News & Events and learn about the many Programs & Services we provide to Florida residents with developmental disabilities.
Posted by Lisa Habermehl
ImInspired Duvall Home

Inspiring Quilt of Independence

July 7, 2017 – A symbol of independence and empowerment: ADT Support Coordinator Beth Conrad, a Duvall Homes’ employee of more than 20 years, recently completed an inspiring quilt that began as a labor of love in 2015, on her own time. The quilt depicts various hand patterns of approximately 90 residents and participants of Duvall’s Opportunities Enrichment Center. The sentimental work of art currently hangs in the Adult Day Training facility in Glenwood, Florida.

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duvall glenwood

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Duvall Homes

Those Who Enable Excellence

June 26, 2017 – Always mindful of the needs of our residents, and with an eye on future growth, we continually seek contributions to help build on our steadfast commitment to providing outstanding service for those with developmental disabilities in our care. Various members of our community recognize this need, and periodically visit Duvall Homes in Glenwood, Florida, to provide helpful volunteering hands, to donate supplies for various programming needs and/or make a surprise delivery with a much-needed check that will pay for any number of things.

I'm Inspired
Julie and John Signore.

“John and I had art supplies and frames to donate and were in search of a worthy recipient,” said Julie & John Signore. “We were inspired after discovering the Art For Everyone program and other services Duvall Homes offers for those with developmental disabilities. We look forward to seeing our donated items be put to good use.” (What inspires you about Duvall Homes?)

All of these generous contributions, including the many donations to our recent Furniture Fundraiser, have an immeasurable impact on the lives of the individuals we serve, and enable us to deliver excellence in residential care and adult day training. Thank you to each and every individual, business and group, including the Presbyterian Women Mission of North Lake Presbyterian Church in Lady Lake (pictured above), who have donated their time, treasures and talent toward maintaining our mission of empowering people with developmental disabilities since 1945.

As we aim to provide the highest quality of life and greatest level of independence for some of the most vulnerable in our community, there are numerous ways for people to get involved and to make a difference.

Be inspired and inspire others at Duvall Homes’ third annual 2017 Inspiration Gala.
Other Ways to Give.

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Duvall Homes Inspiration Gala

Duvall’s 2017 Inspiration Gala

The Board of Regents of Duvall Homes and
Reames Employee Benefits Solutions
proudly presents the
Friday, September 29, 2017
Wayne G. Sanborn Center 815 S. Alabama Ave. DeLand
5:30 p.m. Reception, Silent Auction, Art Exhibit & Gift Shopping
7:00 p.m. Dinner Program, Entertainment & Special Tribute
Special Tribute
The Alanson & Thelma Duvall Memorial Award presented to
John S. Olivari of Olivari & Associates CPAs & Consultants

Supporting Sponsors
Florida Hospital DeLand, Memorial Medical Center and Fish Memorial, Florida Public UtilitiesDaVita Labs, Park Shore Pharmacon, Robert Hanky, Kemp Realty Group and Maureen & Chris Kemp, Fifth Third BankBouchard Insurance, Meredith Birchfield, Lillian Walsh Trust, Marshall Law OfficeFlorida Health Care PlansMainstreet Community Bank of Florida, Michael Sandifer, Florida Health Source, Jane Duerson Potter, Tower Realty Partners, Barbara & John Vazquez, The Shores Resort & Spa, Orlando City Soccer Club, Daytona Beach Symphony SocietySouthwest Airlines, The Walt Disney Company, Orlando Shakespeare Theater, Badcock & More Home Furniture, Tanger Outlets, Sheri’s Pampered Pet Grooming, Studio 308, Sharon Kurth & LA Johnson St. John Salon Stylists, Puff ‘N Stuff Catering, Stonewood Grill & Tavern, Blue Heron River Tours, International Speedway Corporation and more!

Join us for an absolutely inspirational evening as we pay special tribute to outstanding community partners, recognize young champions of service, and celebrate the many achievements of those living with developmental disabilities.

Sponsorships, Table Reservations and Individual Seat Tickets are limited. For more information on the 3rd Annual Inspiration Gala, click here.

Duvall Homes I'm Inspired

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Duvall Homes

Receptionist Retires After 33 Years

June 1, 2017 – Earlier this week, a longtime valued employee, Wynonna “Cookie” Stanfield, retired from her position as receptionist of Duvall Homes after 33 years of dedicated service.

Stanfield, 1987

For Stanfield it has been a family affair for more reasons than one. Stanfield’s father worked at Duvall, as did her husband, son and granddaughter. Her son Matthew Stanfield, is the Director of Facilities & Grounds, and her daughter-in-law, Vicky Stanfield is a Group Home Manager, both have been an employee for more than 20 years themselves.

Duvall Homes
Coworkers with more than 30 years each of experience working at Duvall Homes, send their well wishes to Cookie Stanfield. Left, to right: Nurse Susan Szekely; Group Home Manager Millie Bowers; Cookie Stanfield; and Group Home Manager, and daughter-in-law of Cookie, Vicky Stanfield

“I’ve been here since 1984 and have seen a great deal of changes through the years, and have been inspired by so many things at Duvall,” said Stanfield, “but yesterday (the day before retiring) was extra special.”

Cookie had paid a visit to Adult Day Training at the Opportunities Enrichment Center, which is on the same grounds as Administration in Glenwood, to say goodbye to staff and residents. As she was leaving, Priscilla, a resident of Duvall Homes for many years, walked up to Cookie to say something.


“How about all of those youth group picnics? The Friday night dances and field trips – we had some good times didn’t we Cookie? I will miss you,” said Priscilla.

“It was great to realize that they remember too,” said Cookie, “and that we did make an impact on their lives, just as they have on me.”

“Their parents and families are wonderful people too. Together with the many staff I’ve worked with, I have a lot of very fond memories to carry with me from my time here.”

CookieThe staff threw a retirement luncheon for Cookie, Duvall Homes CEO, Steven DeVane, gave a few nice words (below), and parents who have known Cookie for decades, including Tess Daly and Thomas Kenney, stopped by to give her a hug (top).

At 74, Stanfield plans to visit from time-to-time as she does live in Glenwood, but has a lot to keep her busy, including her new great grandbaby, Trent, born just last month.

Thanks for your many years Cookie. Happy Retirement!




iminspired Duvall

National Eat More Fruit Day

May 25, 2017 – After taking a trip to the DeLand Farmer’s Market, participants in Duvall’s Adult Day Training assisted in preparing fresh fruit cups for everyone to enjoy, including staff!

ADTTop 10 Reasons to eat more fruits and veggies: Fiber, Low Calories, Reduce Risk of Disease, Vitamins & Minerals and more…

Learn more about the many activities and programs happening in our Opportunities Enrichment Center by going to

Duvall Homes

Chairs with Arms Duvall

Chairs With Arms For Seizure Disorder

May 17, 2017 – Because Florida ranks 49 out of 50 states in funding services for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, including Autism, Cerebral palsy, Down syndrome and other disabilities, we are always in search of funding for one particular need or another. Right now, we are in need of 50 chairs with arms for our residents and day training participants.

By donating just $35 to Duvall Homes’ chair fundraiser to purchase one chair with arms, you will provide additional safety for a disabled person, especially for those living with a seizure disorder.

Chairs with Arms Duvall

Any donation is greatly appreciated. In an effort to reach our goal for this essential furniture need, a “Chairs with Arms” drive was initiated during the month of May on Go Fund Me with a focus placed on raising at least $1750 of the $10,000 to purchase 50 chairs with arms; however, the fundraiser continues to run.

Duvall Homes ArtTo show our appreciation, anyone who makes a donation will have their name entered into a drawing for a special gift box of printed original works of art created by individuals with developmental disabilities in our care who participate in Duvall Homes’ Art…For Everyone Program at our Opportunities Enrichment Center.

Various ways to donate for your convenience

Donate online here.
Donate by phone by calling 386.734.2874.
Donate by mail by sending a check payable to
Duvall Homes to P.O. Box 220036, Glenwood, FL 32722.

Be sure to write Furniture Replacement Fundraiser on your check or
in the “special instructions” memo when making a paypal donation.

Thank you for your support and understanding of this need!

Learn more about Duvall Homes’ Furniture Replacement Fundraiser at



DeLand Rocks – And So Does Duvall Homes!

May 5, 2017 – The growing community sensation for kids, teens, businesses, people with developmental disabilities, and really anyone who likes to stroll outdoors, paint and/or scavenger hunt, can participate in this county- and nation-wide activity created just for fun, and it’s as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Find a small flat rock
  2. Paint the rock
  3. Hide the rock anywhere in DeLand

DeLand Rocks DuvallWith the assistance of our Support Specialists, participants in Duvall Homes’ Adult Day Training program created several one-of-a-kind painted rocks during the past few weeks. A few trips around town followed to hide these tiny masterpieces.

Get some clues on where our rocks were hidden on Duvall Homes’ Facebook Page DeLand Rocks album post. Should you find any of these rocks around DeLand, you’ll now know they were created by some very special people. #delandrocks

Learn more about the programming at Duvall Homes’ Opportunities Enrichment Center at Programs & Services.

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Duvall Homes I'm Inspired

Duvall Homes ADT

Empowering People at ADT

April 17, 2017 – Daily Empowerment at Duvall Homes’ Opportunities Enrichment Center:
Participants of our Adult Day Training program in Glenwood, Florida, develop alternative communication skills, improve self-expression through advancing vocabulary and language building, and explore current events to be part of regular social discussions.

Duvall Homes ADT

See how this essential life-skills training is put into play in the community in our 2017 Spring Newsletter by clicking here. View all Duvall Newsletters at

Duvall ADT


Duvall Homes Journey's End

Happy National Pet Day

April 11, 2017 – Happy National Pet Day: Residents of Duvall Homes volunteer on a regular basis with the animals at Journey’s End Animal Sanctuary in Glenwood, just a few minutes from our Opportunities Enrichment Center (OEC) on our main campus.Duvall Homes Journey's End

Journey’s End provides care and shelter for dogs, cats, horses, pigs, sheep and birds that have been abused, neglected or have special needs.

Duvall Homes Journey's EndFor more information on the many programs that occur in Duvall’s Adult Day Training in our OEC, visit

Duvall Homes Eagle Watch

Duvall Homes Lake Woodruff Eagle Watch

April 3, 2017 – Duvall Homes’ Adult Day Training programming teaches from a vast spectrum of co-curricular activities that model the framework of core curriculum state standards and extend experiences outside of the ADT classroom. This seasons Eagle Watch Program is only one of many such programs.

Duvall Homes
Brian K. Wheeler/VIREO,

ADT participants learned about the Bald Eagles habitat, feeding and nesting behavior from statewide data taught by ADT instructors in our Opportunities Enrichment Center and from viewing a live Eagle cam.

Duvall Homes Eagle WatchThis program continued for weeks and included several field trips with binoculars to Lake Woodruff National Wildlife Refuge to discover and monitor the Bald Eagle’s habitat and hatching of eaglets. [ We’re quite fortunate to have our ADT facility, in Glenwood, be located only five minutes from Lake Woodruff. ]

Eagle Watch ArtParticipants also created eagle artworks following the trip providing an additional form of expression for each member of the special group of birdwatchers.

Eagle Watch TripTo learn more about the Bald Eagle, visit Florida’s Audubon website at and To learn more about Duvall Home’s Adult Day Training Programming, click on Adult Day Training. View additional images from Duvall’s Eagle Watch by visiting our

To enjoy additional wildlife images indigenous to the area, visit the website of Florida photographer